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Mixing plant of Godel Concrete & Systems Incorporated in the Philippines goes operational

The first concrete mixing plant of Godel Concrete & Systems Incorporated in the Philippines goes operational.
It is a “mobile” concrete mixing plant which can be dismantled, transported and fixed at a new location in less than 2 weeks.
The mixing plant has a capacity of more than 70 m3 per hour and as the most modern electronic control system for most effective mixing and weighing. It can produce all kind of quality concrete in a most effective way. It is placed at Frey Fil Corporation Yard, Km 52 Brgy. Pungo, Calumpit Bulacan / Exit Pulilan on the NLEX.


Godel Concrete and Systems Incorporated provides services and products in the following fields

GCS Ready Mix Concrete supply

DYWIDAG Bonded Post-Tensioning Systems using Strands

DYWIDAG Geotechnical Product Range

DYWIDAG Multistrand Stay Cable Systems

DYWIDAG Form Tie Accessories

DYWIDAG Prestressing Systems using Bars


Systems and Concepts for Repair and Strengthening

DYNA Force® Elasto-Magnetic Sensor

DSI ALWAG Systems BULLFLEX® Pile Sleeve Hoses


Godel Concrete and Systems Incorporated (GCS) acquired the Post / Pre-stressed Department from Frey - Fil Corporation. The sale of PT/GT business includes the transfer of around 100 highly experienced employees together with specialized equipment
The sale if for FFC to further enhance its General Contractor skills. GCS endeavors to serve the Philippine Construction Industry by endorsing internationally proven technologies and to add value when it comes to cost, time, quality, safety and sustainability.
• GCS is a newly established business with 40% German Shareholder ship and providing three types of services:
• Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) Delivery and Services
• Pre-and Post-Tensioning (PT) of Concrete Structures, not limited to but using both 12.7mm and 15.24mm strands
• Geotechnical Engineering (GT)

Goals and Principles

We are the Exclusive licensee DYWIDAG-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL in the Philippines and post tensioning- / prestressing-, Concrete Ready Mix-, ‘Geotechnical Systems contractor providing quality products and services to the Philippine construction industry. We uphold continuously provide quality and economical products and services for the complete satisfaction of customers, bound by global standards and meeting regulatory requirements with utmost consideration for safety of life and property. We pledge to endlessly improve human and technical capabilities through training, research and acquisition of modern technology geared towards effective and efficient operations of all our processes. We affirm to these commitments through the collective efforts of management and employees as well as the synergy of roles with our business partners. Our goal is continuously grow in the Philippine market to be one of the well-recognized companies in the Philippines.

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